We have been around for over 75 years, so a big thank you to our loyal customers!

In 1946 our original Neni Jakob Sprecher opened his third shop in Arosa; the sports house Carmenna. His brother, Engelhard Sprecher, ran the business as a professional shoemaker until 1954. Lilly Carigiet-Sprecher subsequently took over the company with her husband Jeremias. You expanded the existing range to include skis and the associated winter sports clothing. The son of Lilly and Jeremias, Andrea (Cari) Carigiet, as a licensed ski instructor, enthusiastic mountaineer, passionate golfer and tennis player and ambitious biker, brought with him everything that made a competent and dedicated sports goods specialist.

From the 1980s he worked in the family business and finally took over the management of the company in 1990.

Future needs origin – in this sense, we are now in the fourth generation and can continue to develop the traditional family company together with our team. We are happy to share our more than 75 years of experience with you and advise you on the selection of your equipment and your new favorite fashion.

Since 2014 Carmenna Sport is proud to be part of the Premium Sports Group . We are committed to the values of the PSG and are proud to be a member of this dynamic entrepreneurial association.

Carol, Flavia and Seraina Carigiet with all Carmenna athletes